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Get tailored advice and support for your green infrastructure project. Evergreen Infrastructure's consultants partner with you for success.

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Navigating Green Infrastructure Can Be Complex

Regulations, technology, and best practices change quickly. Making informed choices without the right expertise is difficult.

Sub-optimal decisions can lead to costly mistakes, delays, and missed opportunities to maximise the impact of your project.

Evergreen Infrastructure provides the guidance you need, whether that be for developers, architects, or builder. We bring years of experience to help you navigate every phase of your project.

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The Benefits

Reduce Risk and Increase Success

Our expert advice helps you make informed decisions, maximising your project's potential and minimising risks.

Tap into Industry Experience

Benefit from our years of hands-on experience implementing successful green infrastructure projects.

Access the Latest Innovations

We stay ahead of industry trends, ensuring our advice leverages the most efficient and sustainable technologies.


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Feasibility Studies and Assessments

We provide data-driven insights to assess the viability of green infrastructure for your specific project.

Strategy and Masterplan Development

We guide you in creating a comprehensive roadmap to achieve your long-term greening objectives.

Funding and Grant Support

We'll help identify potential funding opportunities and assist with grant applications for your project.

Stakeholder Engagement Strategies

We facilitate successful engagement with communities, businesses, and other stakeholders to ensure project support.

Regulatory Compliance Guidance

Our expertise helps navigate complex regulations and ensure your project meets all requirements.

Project Implementation Support

We offer support throughout the implementation stage – from tendering to construction oversight.


Creating green oases in urban settings

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