Green Building Design

Bring your green infrastructure ideas to life. Evergreen Infrastructure's expert design services create beautiful, sustainable, and functional landscapes.

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Stuck with a Blank Canvas or an Uninspired Space?

Turning a vague idea about greening your space into a workable plan is challenging. You need a design that brings your vision to life.

Sub-optimal designs can lead to wasted resources, underperforming green spaces, and missed opportunities to enhance your project.

Evergreen Infrastructure provides tailored design solutions. We translate your vision into beautiful and functional green infrastructure.

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The Benefits

Enhance Your Project's Success

Our designs ensure the long-term health, beauty, and functionality of your green space investment.

Collaborate with Industry Experts

Work alongside our team to create a design that reflects your unique goals and enhances your site.

Visualise Your Project Potential

We provide detailed plans and renderings, allowing you to fully see and understand your green space before it's built.


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Sustainable Site Evaluation

We thoroughly assess your site's conditions, including sun, wind, soil, and existing features, for optimal design.

Plant Selection for Success

We choose plants that will thrive in your specific environment, ensuring a beautiful and resilient green space.

Innovative Water Management Solutions

We incorporate sustainable water capture and reuse strategies to reduce water use and costs.

Integrating with Existing Structures

Our designs seamlessly weave green infrastructure into new or existing buildings and landscapes.

Functionality and Accessibility Focus

We design with user experience in mind, ensuring spaces are accessible, inviting and meet your specific needs.

Compliance and Permit Guidance

Our designs adhere to local regulations, aiding in a smooth permitting process for your project.


Creating green oases in urban settings

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