Therapeutic Landscapes

Discover the restorative power of nature. Evergreen Infrastructure designs sensory-rich therapeutic landscapes in Melbourne, promoting wellbeing and healing.

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Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out?

The pace of modern life rarely offers true respite. It's easy to feel disconnected and out of balance.

Finding places to relax and recharge is essential. Nature offers healing power backed by science and research into the the therapeutic nature of greenery across a range of modalities, and we can bring it to you.

Evergreen Infrastructure creates spaces designed for peace and restoration. Experience the transformative benefits of a therapeutic landscape.

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The Benefits

Reduce Stress, Restore Balance

Immersion in therapeutic landscapes has proven benefits, reducing stress hormones and promoting feelings of calm.

A Place for Healing and Growth

Therapeutic gardens offer safe, accessible spaces for those recovering from trauma, illness, or facing health challenges.

Enhance Therapy and Rehabilitation

Sensory-filled landscapes can supplement traditional therapies, providing a calming environment for physical and cognitive rehabilitation.


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Sensory-Rich Design

We incorporate calming textures, soothing colours, fragrant plants, and the sounds of water to create a multi-sensory experience.

Accessibility for All

Our designs prioritise universal access, ensuring everyone can benefit from the landscape regardless of ability.

Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals

We partner with therapists and healthcare facilities to create gardens tailored to specific recovery and treatment needs.

Tailored to Your Needs and Environment

We carefully evaluate your site and goals to create a therapeutic landscape perfectly suited to your requirements.

Focus on Privacy and Safety

Therapeutic landscapes often incorporate quiet zones, enclosed spaces, and comfortable seating for a sense of security.

Sustainable and Maintainable Solutions

Our designs prioritise low-maintenance plant choices and sustainable materials for a long-lasting healing space.


Creating green oases in urban settings

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