Aspendale Balcony

Aspendale, Victoria
Surene & John
Roof garden with various plants in a white built-in planter, under a clear blue sky. a structural column and partial rooftop in view.
A scenic balcony adorned with lush plants, overlooking the vast expanse of the ocean.


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The client's brief called for the transformation of an unused, overexposed rooftop into a welcoming sanctuary for relaxation, sunset views, and entertainment. They wished for a design that seamlessly integrated with the bay's windy conditions while fostering an inviting atmosphere.


Perched atop the building, the rooftop garden emerges as a green oasis, harmonizing with the adjacent Port Phillip Bay's windy rhythms. Its centerpiece, a pergola, offers respite under the open sky. Wave-like planter boxes sway in tandem, embracing the bay's undulating spirit, while lush greenery thrives in this coastal haven.

About the project

The design features light aluminum planter boxes in a surfmist color, contrasting with a monument-colored pergola. Elmich MEP trays support the greenery, while Eko deck composite timber provides durability. White porcelain bench tops and black composite cabinetry offer contrasting shades, all adorned with native greenery and spring flowers for a vibrant finish.

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This project creates human and social capital through the correct use of space and plant use. Biodiversity hotspot. Creates a cooling effect for residents and building. Creates environmental capital for neighborhood with its connection to water and local environment


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A rooftop garden with lush green plants and colorful flowers, creating a serene and vibrant outdoor space.
"Our design turns a bare rooftop into a coastal sanctuary, blending light and dark tones for contrast. With resilient materials and indigenous greenery, careful selection met challenging conditions. We're thrilled to witness nature and relaxation converge in this rooftop haven."

Quote from Designer

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