Study Hall Greenwall

Sydenham, Victoria
Catholic Regional College - Sydenham


Evergreen Infrastructure

Greenwall Materials



KLM Modular

Greenwall Installation

MJC Horticulture

The client seeks a nature-inspired approach for CRC Sydenham's study hall, prioritising children's educational enrichment. Indoor greenery to cultivate serenity, curiosity, and a profound bond with the environment, aiming to elevate academic outcomes through biophilic design principles.


The 70m² green wall at CRC Sydenham's study hall is a vibrant testament to biophilic design, aimed at enhancing children's learning experiences. Intended to foster positive outcomes, it creates a calming environment that stimulates curiosity, creativity, and a deeper connection with nature, promoting holistic development and academic success.

About the project

The design intent for the CRC Sydenham study hall green wall is to craft an immersive environment that sparks curiosity and learning. By incorporating diverse forms and textures of selected plants, we aim to evoke wonder and strengthen children's connection with nature, enriching their educational journey.

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This project creates human and social capital through the correct use of space and plant use. Creates a cooling effect and clean air for users of the building. Creates a relaxed learning environment


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""Inspired by nature, our design for CRC Sydenham cultivates a space where curiosity flourishes and learning thrives organically, with drifts of plants that can connect to the expansive thoughts students will conjure in this space.""

Quote from Designer

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